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Studio insano is a brand and identity created by danniel baker

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About me


At the core of my artwork lies a diverse thematic range, oscillating between abstract motifs and the serene beauty of nature. I have a particular affinity for marine life and avian subjects, which often emerge as the focal point of my creations. This thematic diversity reflects not only my personal interests but also my commitment to exploring the intricate relationship between the natural world and its artistic representation.

My works are showcased in two primary mediums: the traditional canvas, gracing the walls of esteemed galleries, and large-scale murals that breathe life into the urban landscapes of Panama and beyond. These public installations stand as a testament to my more than a decade-long career as a muralist and independent artist, marking the streets with stories told in vibrant colors and bold lines.

My artistic voyage is far from complete. With each project and collection, I seek to push the boundaries of conventional techniques, continuously exploring new methods and processes to refine my craft.

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Then we can definitely help you with your design and art needs. Read more to find out about who we are.

Welcome to my vision...

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Collaboration with brands

We cherish the creative synergy and innovation that come from partnering with other brands. These collaborations allow us to push boundaries, meld unique perspectives, and craft exclusive, resonant products for our diverse audience. We're eager to join forces with brands that share our enthusiasm for standout creativity and design.

Creative direction

These partnerships are our playground for innovation, allowing us to blend distinct visions and produce extraordinary, shared creations. We're on the lookout for fellow visionaries eager to craft the unforgettable. Let's make creativity limitless together.

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As a muralist, Insano can offer bespoke wall art that transforms any space—be it a corporate office, a public park, or a private residence—into a vibrant canvas that tells a story, reflects a brand's identity, or simply adds beauty to the environment.

Canvas, sculptures mixed media

Unique, personalized artworks that resonate with their individual taste or brand identity.

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We do the hard work

lift rental

we take on the entire operational load, ensuring a seamless creative process from concept to completion. This includes the procurement and rental of essential equipment such as lifts, scaffolding, and specialized tools necessary for the execution of large-scale murals. Our team manages all logistical aspects, including the coordination and operation of these tools

logistics and art handle

Our logistics management encompasses the careful selection and procurement of specialized equipment, ensuring every piece—whether on canvas or as a mural—

Inclusive and diverse visuals

Through thoughtful composition and a vibrant palette, INSANO aims to create pieces that resonate with a wide audience, fostering a sense of unity and understanding. cultivating a more empathetic and connected world through art.

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Brand collaboration


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